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Other pilots log total pilot time (see ATP requirements) which allows logging of flight time plus simulator and flight training device time. See §61.1 for definition of pilot time. Training time includes flight time and SIM/FTD time which is logged as dual received.

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Secondly, when I log time in a sim/FTD… Aircraft type: FRASCA (the type of sim/ftd) Aircraft N#: 141 or 242 respectively (the type of Frasca) From: The name of the flight school or airport where the approved sim/FTD is located.

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(4) allows you to use the approved simulator/flight trainer to log the instrument approaches in the sim for currency (with the authorized instructor.) But again, it is NOT flight time, so you can't count it as total time.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator can be used in configurations that do allow for logging of "flight" time, but they must be specific configurations that are designed to meet FAA requirements and are certified by the FAA. Such configurations are rare. X-Plane overs a greatly overpriced option that allows the sim…

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I'm working on a LogShare type of website, and I'm in the process of figuring out how to handle logging simulator/PCATD/FTD time. Time in these is what goes in the "Training Device" section of the 8710. 3. PCATD – Microsoft flight sim with a fancy joystick.

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And even though you are logging instruction time, instruction time in the ATD should not be included in your total flight or PIC time. Using a Simulator to Complete an IPC. Can a Ground Instructor Provide Training in a Sim? It's Time to Throw Away Your PTS.

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Tel: 646-216-9589 [email protected] Xflight Technologies LLC. Real-time Telemetry, Flight Logging and Flight Sim Integration Black Box / Streaming, SMS Alerts and Internet Integration.

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May I Log Sim Time as "Total Time"? A Simulator or FTD session is not a "flight". The confusion that leads to this frequently asked question comes about because there are a number of different definitions here.

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Accordingly, the regulatory text of §61.51(g)(4) is clear that in order to log the time an instructor must be present to observe an individual using a flight training device or flight simulator to maintain instrument recency experience.

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61.51 lists under "Logging instrument time" the use of a simulator or Flight Training Device. I use it for c in my logbook, and therefore, I log Flight Sim time as total time, but not under ASEL or AMEL. edit: In fact, here is exactly how I logged time in the FRASCA

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If you are tlaking about logging instrument time in FS, follow CRJCapt's post. If you are talking about using FS to log real instrument simulation time, you cannot legally do so. System time and Flight Sim time does not match…?

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Each time you log a flight with that aircraft ID, then the time also gets added to the Simulator Category column (see below). The simulator time field can be used when you want to log sim time that does not count towards total time.

How to log Flight time (PIC, Co-Pilot, Night, Single/Multi Pilot, etc)
Night. According your flight rules. Do not confuse "Sim.Instr" with simulator flying or Instructor flying. We suggest to always log function time, also for simulator sessions, while condition time should only be logged on real flights.

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FSX Flight Log User Guide | Page . OVERVIEW. F. SX Flight Log is a simple, yet effective tool for Flight Simulator X users who are looking for a If the 'Automatically Record Flight Time' option has been checked, FSX Flight Log will display a message regarding the status of its connection to FSX.

FAR Part § 61.51: Pilot logbooks — FAA FARS, 14 CFR
(iii) Simulated instrument conditions in flight, a flight simulator, or a flight training device. (c) Logging of pilot time. (1) A recreational, private, or commercial pilot may log pilot-in- command time only for that flight time during which that person

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Wired News published an article, "Sim Soars as Learning Tool," in October 2003 about the role Flight Simulator can play in flight training. Logging Simulator Time. On August 21, 2009, the FAA published revisions to 14 CFR Part 61 (the rules that govern the certification of pilots and flight…

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Flight Simulation's Premier Website and Resource! Flight Tracker (Time to Fly Edition). Product Information. Publishers: Chanticleer Software. Description: Add-On Program featuring ACARS and Flight Log.

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Logging Military Flight Time vs. Civilian Flight Time. Are you concerned that you have served half-a-dozen or more years in the military, and you don't have enough Total Flight Time or Pilot-in-Command Time in order to meet minimums & get a job in the civilian sector?

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Folks, Simulator time should always be logged as sim. time, it is not flight time. These same NAA "allow", in the case of certain contract flying schools, to log sim. time as instrument flight time, for the purpose of issuing a CPL/IR.

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Using sim_logger to record a secure IGC-format GPS tracklog showing the timestamped route of the user aircraft. Finding and analyzing IGC logs to check their security and confirm the route taken around waypoints, start/finish times, and other flight information.

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Order the X-Plane 10 Global flight sim now to get started with the world's best flight training aid. X-Plane will save you time and money in the air, since you'll be better prepared for the situations you practice, but you'll still have to fly in the real world to log your time.

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CRAFT represents your pathway to your license to fly – a way to get your pilot's license in less time and at less cost. Integrating our flight simulator with your time in the airplane will save you both time and money! Logging Time (Sim and Otherwise).

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SourceForge. Browse Enterprise Blog Deals Help Create. Log In or Join. Solution Centers. FlightGear Flight Simulator: free open-source multiplatform flight sim. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time.

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FSX/FS2004 VFR Plogger V3.12007 – A Program for Flight Simulator that is seperate and allows you to log and create dynamic flight logs and pilot breifings. Theres two timers so you can time two things at once.

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For the developer I would recommend creating a way to separate SIM time from total time flown during a 6 month period. For me, all that matters is my real flight time. * Logging flight time for individual pilots, crew members, flight surgeons, door gunners, or observers.

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Some flights I will start and come back to the sim in time to land. On most flights longer than 3 or 4 hours I'll up the rate to 4. Some flights that are thousands of Hey…..you folks can't log your flight time if you accelerate !!

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Logging Flight Time by ASA ASA-LOG-FLT – A collection of anecdotes covering aviation expert Bill Kershner's most memorable experiences. Have a question about Logging Flight Time? Ask your question and see previous Q & A about this product.

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