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Google On The FlyEncrypting Your Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, or Google Drive On The Fly
The data you dropped to the X: drive will be encrypted automatically on the fly and put in the Dropbox folder. Now the cloud services it supports include Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and SugarSync. And you can run it on all main platforms, including Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and…

How to Draw Routes and Calculate Route Time and Distance… This article will help you to solve the following problems: How to draw a route on the fly. Use the following procedure to draw a route on the fly: Run the project. Double-click on the start location on the Google map.

Google's authentication-less on-the-fly image resizing service · GitHub
carlo/google-img-resize.mdown. Last active Mar 2, 2017. Embed. pajtai commented Jul 1, 2015. Are there any docs for this service? Tried googling a few things, but didn't find anything.

Adding Contacts On The Fly | Google Customer Community
Adding Contacts On The Fly. Vote. Unvote.

On The Fly™ – Android Apps on Google Play
You must be a Ctuit RADAR client with the appropriate user permissions to gain access to this mobile application. Manage your business with access to your restaurants' data anywhere, anytime. Ctuit's mobile application, On The Fly™, delivers your restaurants' critical data to your mobile device.

google maps – How to Geocode 300,000 addresses on the fly?
If you have further need to geocode addresses as users are interacting, LiveAddress also has an API version which can plug into just about anything and it also supports batch processing on-the-fly, but is paid as a subscription, not a one-time payment.

Generate Charts On-the-Fly with Google's API
Google's newly released chart API generates charts and graphs on the fly called by a URL with the right parameters set. The Google Blogoscoped weblog runs down what data to hand the API to get back a pie chart, line chart, bar graph and more.

On the fly – Wikipedia
On the fly is a phrase used to describe something that is being changed while the process that the change affects is ongoing. It is used in the automotive, computer, and culinary industries. In cars, on the fly can be used to describe the changing of the cars configuration while it is still driving.

Changing payment methods on the fly in Google Play | Android Central
As a small note on buying Google Play credit, if you're doing this not for your own account but rather for your kids, your payment info will be saved on the kiddos account unless you quickly go delete your payment info.

Translate Text on the Fly Using Your Phone and the Google Translate…
Imagine being able to point your camera at that text and have it translate it to the language of your choice on the fly! Maybe you could even take a picture of the translated text so you can have it available on demand? Is this sort of thing possible? Yes … yes it is! Welcome to the Google Translate…

How to Dynamically Generate URLs on the Fly in Excel or Google…
Link to a specific Google Analytics report — e.g., landing page, referral, channel, PPC keyword, etc. Link to the Queries report in Google Search Console** (GSC) to get data on a particular keyword — under Search Traffic > Search Analytics.

How to Create YouTube Playlists on the Fly without Logging In
There's however a simple URL hack that will let you create "virtual" playlists on YouTube – they are like regular playlists except that they are not connected to any Google account and you can still add or remove videos on the fly.

ITA Software by Google
Whether you're planning a trip on your desktop, tablet or phone, you can use Google Flights to search for countries, states, islands and more from any origin in the U.S. and many countries around the world.

Hack64.Build Custom Icons on the Fly – Google Maps Hacks: Tips…
Build Custom Icons on the Fly. Using libraries that extend the Google Maps API in various ways, you can quickly achieve powerful results. The XMaps library is a set of extensions to the Google Maps API.

Librarians on the Fly: Creating Google Calendar Appointments…
Librarians on the Fly. Former working partners who have faced the storm of adversity and flown to find new homes. Creating Google Calendar Appointments from Your Google Forms. I am always looking for ways to make my life easier.

On the fly – Idioms by The Free Dictionary
TheFreeDictionary. Google. if someone does something on the fly, they do it quickly and without thinking carefully before they do it She was the sort of person who would make decisions on the fly rather than allowing herself time to think.

Translate Text On The Fly With Google Goggles And a Phone…
Looks like the stunt Apple pulled with Google Voice is further delaying releases of Google products on the iPhone… Anyway, check out some more of what Google Goggles can do at the Official Google Goggles site or the video below.

Take notes on the fly with Google Keep | Social Media Slant
Other features include the ability to color-code notes to help find them later and archive content that is no longer needed. For more information on Google Keep, visit this page. The extension can be downloaded here.

Google Admits GoogleBot can Parse and Execute… – WebmasterWorld
Yet those looking closely at their server logs may notice that Google is now requesting links that don't appear directly in JavaScript — links that get put together on the fly and Google could not possible know about unless it could execute at least part of that JavaScript code.

News: Google Now Will Switch Languages on the Fly
Google Now Will Switch Languages on the Fly. The latest update to Google Search—which is Google Now—includes the ability to switch languages on the fly. This means that "spanglish", or any other popular combination of languages, will be understood in context by Google's search engine.

On the fly – Idiom Definition –
Idiom Definitions for 'On the fly'. If you do things on the fly, you do things without preparation, responding to events as they happen. View examples in Google: On the fly. Idioms similar to 'On the fly'.

Increíble! Google Turns Your Android Phone Into An On-The-Fly…
Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. Description Android is a software platform for mobile devices based on the Linux operating system and developed by Google and the Open Handset.

Generate QR Codes On-the-Fly With the Google Chart API
Google has a nifty API for dynamically generating charts. A simple (if messy-lookig) URL request will instantly generate an image containing a pie chart or a line graph. While QR codes aren't exactly charts, the service has an option to generate them all the same.

Hangouts now lets you switch between carrier or Google Voice…
Hangouts now lets you switch between carrier or Google Voice numbers on the fly. +12,307. From there, you should be able to change your reply number (either carrier or Google Voice number) on the fly.

Google to Debut 'Circular' Display Search Ads, Generated on the Fly
Same as it did with search results, Google's success in advertising is largely due to its simple yet effective text ads that show up on its search page. Yet Google is moving to obsolete the three-line ads that it made famous in the first place.

Google Translates on the Fly – A Woman Learning Thai…and some…
Google Translate has added three more items of interest: Translations as you type: Type your text in the main box and the translation appears below. For more, check out the Official Google Blog: A new look for Google Translate.

Fishing On The Fly | KWQC-TV6
Preserving and protecting the state's fly fishing waters. At Lost Grove Lake, water is clear, clean. Respecting both the water and the land surrounding the lake. Their great escape when fishing on the fly!

sync – Syncing Google Chrome tabs on the fly – Super User
Note: Remember that you will have to do this on all the computers that you wish to sync open tabs across. You will also have to be syncing with the same Gmail ID on all the machines. Also look at this document on Google Support.

Aviary – Creation on the Fly.

javascript – Changing content of info window on the fly in Google Map
In google map for all the infoWindow the content is already binded to the markers, and whenever we open the infoWindow we get the binded content of marker on the infoWindow.

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